Hello, my name is Filip Sokolowski.

I'm a creative from Munich, currently graduating in business administration for media- and communication besides working for ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG. I'm interested in technology, crazy about virtual reality and believe in the coming singularity. Although cinematography is not exactly my profession, i've had the chance to contribute to various projects in that field. I love mountains and gadgets. Listen to what I hear, see what I do and read what I think.



Moving images enable organizations  to communicate in a very intimate and distinctive way. The world is flooded with generic brand movies. Together with two fellow students of mine we created the official corporate video for my university.


Although the questionable future of linear programming, television is very appealing to every filmmaker. We've founded our own Campus Television at DHBW Ravensburg. Together with my fellow students, we've designed, planned and produced a 24-minute magazine TV format.


From idea to final movie in just five days. Nothing teached me to deal with ressource scarcity as film week at university. Our film "Zuletzt online" exposes the dangers of inadvertence at the wheel that everyone is facing. Our flick is now part of the german-wide "Runter-Vom-Gas" awareness-campaign.



We had the chance to create the first ever music video for the aspiring pop-rock band Peter Pux from Ravensburg. Due to bad weather conditions we had to rethink our whole concept within just one hour. The result although is quite passable.