15 Things Apple Is Worth More Than

Apple's 2016 Logo

Remember the tumblr called Things Apple is Worth More Than  that was created in 2011 when Apple was only worth a mere $340 billion, or about 45 days of global oil consumption?

Today Apples stock reached a new record high in pre-market trading skyrocketing its market cap above $760 billion. - But how much is that? We're in desperate need for an update.


1 . The value of Google, Yahoo, Intel, and HP combined

The combined market cap of some of the most well-known Apple competitors is $651 billion. When it comes to the combined power of the world's largest search engines, however, Apple isn't as large: The market caps of Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! add up to $813 billion. But i'm sure it wont take too long for Apple to surpass them.

2. Five Samsungs

Apple has long been accused of imitating Samsung innovations in its top-of-the-line smartphones. With a market cap of $161 billion, Samsung would have to clone itself four times to be as large a company as Apple. 

3. Russian Stock Market

Numbers crunched by Bloomberg value the Russian stock market at $531 billion. If you owned all of Apple, sold it, and then bought every company in the Russian stock market, you'd still have over $100 billion left over to buy as many iPhones as you could ever need.

4. The 16 Richest Americans

Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and 14 of their peers are worth a combined $665.6 billion

5. The Pentagon's Annual Budget

The Pentagon spent $615.1 billion in its 2014 fiscal year.

6. Switzerland's GDP - $646.2 billion

The country is synonymous with banking and fine things like luxury watches and decadent chocolate.

7. The economies of Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, and Burma combined

The five neighboring countries collective GDP's add up to $656 billion.

8. 17.95 tons of gold

At just under $1,200 per ounce, $676 billion would buy you a staggering 17.954 tons of gold. That's more than 10% of all the gold that will ever be mined in the world. That equals a pure gold cube with an edge length of 2m.

9. 1,834 Airbus A380 Jets

Tim Cook's Airbus fleet

Apple's $760 billion will buy about 1,843 Airbus (AIR) A380s, the world's largest plane, which cost $414.4 million each. Airbus has received only 318 orders for its double-decker jumbo jet.

10. The United States Aircraft Carrier Fleet

The aircraft carrier is the ultimate expression of the ability for a nation to project military power globally. The United States operates 10 Nimitz class aircraft carriers. At a cost of $4.5 billion dollars each, the 10 carriers cost roughly $50 billion dollars to build and develop. Over the next 30 years the US Navy will move to to the Gerald R. Ford class aircraft carrier. Each is expected to cost $9 billion dollars. Assuming complete replacement, over $90 billion dollars will be spent to procure the next generation carriers. With a market cap of over $790 billion, Apple is worth more than the symbols of US military power projection a few times over.

11. Greeks debt - twice

With Greeks national debt ranging at $318 billion Tim could pay that twice.

12. Worldwide illegal drug trade

According to The Daily Mirror, as of March of last year, the world's entire illegal drug trade was worth an estimated £200billion, or about $314.7 billion -- some $400 billion less than Apple.

13. 7,6 times of what Dr. Evil demanded the USA

Dr. Evil (Mike Myers) learns that a million-dollar ransom isn't as threatening in the 1990s as it was in the 1960s. Tim could pay Dr. Evils demand 7.6 times.

14. J-Lo's Butt Ass-urance - 28k Times

Let's be serious for a minute: if you were J-Lo, you'd insure your ass for $27 million, too. It's not like the music and movies thing is going to work out forever. Tim could easily insure all the butts of the Apple employees for $3,7 million - per buttock.

15. 108 cheeseburgers for every earthling

Well who doesn't like cheeseburgers? If Tim was about to buy cheeseburgers for every earthling, we'd eat for quite a long time.

Apple may be the world first trillion dollar company in history. Good look with that Tim.